Why it's crucial to follow a Betting System

This post was written by Architect Tips.

As professional tipsters we make no secret of the importance of sticking to a system. Imagine winning 3 bets out of 4 on a Tuesday. Your bank has gone from £100 to £240. You get excited when tomorrow’s selections come in and rather than place the advised 2 points on the NAP, you go in hard and bet half your betting back because the write-up has sold it to you that much. Post time comes and the horse gets a horrendous break from the stalls and can only fight back to finish 3rd. What a waste! Whilst everyone else only had a 2 point dent in the bank you are left reeling and you’ve wiped out all those winnings from the great day before.

This is just one example and you’d be amazed how much it happens. People lose discipline, they get excited, or on the flip side, chase. It all points to bad betting. By sticking to the system you can guarantee yourself the best possible chance of success and all our tipsters have shown, in time, profits are a guarantee.


There first thing to do when following a system is making sure you have a set starting bank. This is the best way in order to make long-term profit. Like for instance, if you are just betting for the sake of it by putting £5 per day etc into your betting method it won’t get you anywhere. You need to make sure you have enough in the starting bank to cover any losses and take a steady approach. Firstly, it is much more easier to accomplish the betting game by keeping level stakes to each bet. On rare occasions there might be bets that are worth a risk of an extra point in a bet. But, mostly all bets should be on at 0.5 points each-way and 1 point win. A typical system that is very common would be if you have a starting budget of £500 (recommended) you would be doing £5 per point, which would mean 0.25pts e/w = £2.50 e/w or 1pt win = £5 win.

There is no problem offering the odd raised stake bet as mentioned above but we’d never surpass the realms of 10 point wins, that’s just silly and can throw all the hard work away in a second. I generally stick with 2 points, and maybe 3 as an absolute maximum.


Below are examples of the betting system:

£1000 Starting Budget – £10.00 per point
£500 Starting Budget – £5.00 per point.
£250 Starting Budget – £2.50 per point.
£100 Starting Budget – £1.00 per point.

This is best way of making a steady long-term profit and is very important to following this system. Even if you have selection provided to you at 33/1 or a short priced favourite. It doesn’t mean go and waste big stakes on the favourite. That is the wrong thing to do and you won’t make profit from doing that. You have to stay disciplined and stick to the points system as shown above whether it’s a short odds or long odds unless stated in the email as a raised stake bet for example, (2pts win or 1pt e/w).

Below is an example of one of my customers backing at £50 per point. This was one of our Grand National selections and was advised at 0.5 points each way. You don’t have to put up huge points selections to win big. Many of our customers started from the humble beginnings of £2.50 or £5 a point, they’ve grow their banks through discipline and following us, to levels as big as £100 per point.

Be aware if you get to this stage bookies start to ban you, be careful, spread your bets through bookmakers and use the exchanges.

Grand National Winner - TICK!

Grand National Winner – TICK!

Don’t expect to win over night, that’s not how horse racing works when betting. No doubt, us Tipsters have people sign up and expect to win in one day when that’s not how to think. It’s about being able to afford what you can lose but most of all, we make long-term profit month in month out at Tipsters Empire and that is how you should approach the system. If you stick to the points system on the selections provided, you will make good income on our tips over each month and you will realise there isn’t any other better way of using your bank. Following this system is the best way of achieving a fine income but most importantly, it’s about enjoying horse racing and to stay disciplined and never chase losses. Patience is key and the rewards will be returned.

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