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About the Saturday Only Service

The Saturday Only Service has been live since September 2015 and in that time, we have come away with 4 from 5 years of profit, with 2020 already well in profit and looking likely to make is 5 from 6 years of profit. 2018 was our best year with 85 points profit and a massive return on investment of 29.76%.

Going forward the profit of the Saturday Service will only increase as post Covid 19 lockdown, we now only concentrate on top quality racing. That means that most of the time we will only be tipping at Weekend’s and Festivals, with the odd day midweek when the racing is good enough. 

Our record for the Saturday Service, pre Covid 19 Lockdown was excellent, as you can see from results below. Now we will be strictly be focussing long periods of our time on top quality racing, profits will soar bigger than they already are, and they are already very good over a significant period of time (5 years).

We run our Saturday Service every Saturday throughout the year. If you are a Saturday punter this is perfect for you. We have had some huge success stories on Saturdays and although not every Saturday will be profitable, we will always do our best to help increase your betting banks, while having some fun along the way.

We have a minimum sign up of 3 months for our Saturday Service as we believe you require at least 3 months, to give yourself the best chance of success. We don’t sell a one month package (4 Saturdays) as you could easily hit a bad month at any time during the year. If you signed up during ‘that bad month’ it would not give a true reflection of what the service is really capable of.

You will receive on average, around 4 – 6 selections and every selection will come with extensive write ups.

To view an example of how our tips are sent via email,
and the write ups you'll receive, check out our ebook below.

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How do the tips work?

  1. First of all, the tips will be sent via text message (prioritised) and email.
  2. Receive text message and place your bets.
  3. Use the link attached to the text message to log in to the members area where you can read a full write up on why each selection has been chosen.
  4. We will send you one email two days before the end of your subscription to remind that you your subscription is coming to an end.
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2020 – 2023 results

Profit to £10 stakes


Average monthly profit


Return on Investment


Detailed results

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Past results

2019 Saturday Results

Points profit: 13.66

2018 Saturday Results

Points profit: 85.04

2017 Saturday Results

Points profit: -67.60

2016 Saturday Results

Points profit: 0.85

2015 Saturday Results

Points profit: 16.13

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