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Please read through our list of frequently asked questions relating to horse racing tips service and our service as horse racing tipsters!

Do I need a PayPal account to join JPW racing tipster?

Paypal members can join us as normal through Paypal. We do accept most major UK debit and credit cards too which is also through paypal. You do not have to be a Paypal member for this method, all payments are quickly and securely processed for all our protection.

How often will JPW racing tipster send tips?

This all depends on the value of horses racing that day. Generally there will be at least one tip per day but on average 2-3 tips per day.

You are asking for personal details like mobile numbers and email addresses. Do these details get passed on to third parties?

Never. We take GDPR and our clients personal information very seriously and guarantee at all times that your information will not be passed on whatsoever.

Should I take the early price or SP?

 This is entirely up to the Client. We recommend having different betting accounts so you can seek best value. Another alternative is to bet with bookmakers who offer best odds guaranteed.

Do you have any connections to top stables?

 None of our selections are provided on the word of a stable, trainer or associate and are  made through a process of hard work through constantly studying the form. We only rely on the form book, work ethic and knowledge to produce our winning results.

How can I become a member?

Simply go to our Subscribe page and follow the instructions. Payments are taken via credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Whats your targets and objectives?

To secure long term profits for our members. Whilst we can’t guarantee future success, the track record strongly indicates that being patient and following the recommended staking policy will reap rewards.

Losing runs?

Yes, like every reputable tipster in the world, JPW racing tipster has experienced losing months previously. However we have always bounced back handsomely, which is considered in the industry to be a sign of mental toughness and the ability to stay focused.

What time are selections sent out?

Generally between 6pm – 8pm each night.

How can I access selections?

We send a text message with the tips attached. From the text message a link is attached to our log in area, where you enter your own unique log in to read the write up on why each selection has been made. We also send an email with selections and write up, as back up.

Do I have to log in each night?

No, by sending a text message we are giving you the option. You can put the bets on quickly and efficiently from the text and when you have a spare 5 minutes you can log in and read exactly why we came up with the selection.

What betting bank is needed?

100 points is the recommended start for your betting bank. If you use £5 per point – £500 betting bank, £10 per point – £1,000 betting bank and so on.

Once your betting bank increases by 50 points you increase your bet by 50%. £5 becomes £7.50, £10 becomes £15 and so on.

Once you are a paying member you will have access to his full staking plan which is explained in detail.

Is payment recurring?

Individual Festivals and 28 Day Trial are not recurring. However our other packages are recurring. This can easily be cancelled by sending us an email or by logging into your Paypal Account and cancel recurring payment. Even if you do cancel you will still receive tips until the end of your subscription date, unless otherwise request them to stop.

I need more information about the service

We are more than happy to answer further questions you have if you contact us.

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