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How does the JPW Affiliate Program work?

JPW Affiliate Program provides a unique way for your website, blog or email lists to link to all JPW subscriptions on our website.

Join now by signing up and build affiliate links to JPW, make your first sale and earn 30% of whichever subscription fee your sale has purchased. This will then continue for life every time that person renews at JPW.

Here is an example of how much you can make and how its works. Your client purchased a month via our website at £34.99 by clicking the affiliate link on your website, blog or email you sent out. You earn £10.85. The same client finished the month and decided to re-new and take out 1 year membership at £279.99. You earn 31% which is £86.80 and this will continue with same client every time they re-new.

We pay our affiliates at the end of each month.

When you sign up you will make your own Log In details which will take you too a page where we have affiliate links and banners aswell as graphs to how much you have made each month so you can keep an eye of how you are doing.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact at [email protected]

Note: you must be actively promoting JPW Racing Tipster in order to be eligible for commissions.

Please note the affiliate program excludes Scoop 6 Syndicate as this is a non profit subscription.

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Sports cancelled

Due to the cancellation of all horse racing, there will be no tips until further notice.

However, we will be producing blogs on a regular basis. Just click the button below and enter your email address on the next page to receive them.

Stay safe everyone, and look after your loved ones.


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